Car rental for weddings in Barcelona and Catalonia

For your UNFORGETTABLE DAY, rent a special wedding car…

The most intense emotion of all weddings is manifested during the exchange of rings, when the desired “Yes, I do” is pronounced.

But there is no doubt that the most awaited moment for the groom, and all the guests…

It is the arrival of the bride.

All eyes will be on the “carriage” that will accompany the princess to the ceremony, waiting for the bride to reveal herself in all her splendor.

To guarantee an unforgettable entrance, we put at your disposal the variety of our vehicles, so you can choose between a classic style or a modern one, an elegant one or a sporty one or… why not, an alternative one!

Llegada de la novia en un coche para bodas en Barcelona

Caraveando is an innovative company that offers a personalized car rental service for weddings in Barcelona.

You choose if:

1. Pick up the car at one of our offices

2. Receive the car directly where you want

Would you like to receive the car directly where you need it?

On your wedding day, you and your family will have many duties to think about .

This is where our personalized home delivery service comes into play.

All you have to do is choose one of our vehicles and Caraveando will deliver it to you at the place, date and time you indicate at the time of booking.

You can also choose the address where you want to return the vehicle.

If necessary, we can coordinate with your florist or decorator to deliver the car ready for you.

At Caraveando we will be proud to be part of your unforgettable day.

Do you want us to give you some ideas about wedding cars?

Making the wedding day unforgettable is the goal. Choosing the car for the wedding is essential, as it will represent the entrance of the bride during one of the most important days of her life.

Helping you make your wedding day exclusive and unforgettable is our mission.

Here the 5 ideas of Caraveando to rent the car for your wedding:

Mercedes Benz Class E350 CGI 4Matic

A classic-style sedan with modern lines that exhibits the legendary star on the bonnet, an emblem of luxury typical of the old Marcedes.
Black is the most luxurious color that will undoubtedly make the bride’s dress stand out.

The perfect background to characterize the wedding photos.

Mercedes Benz Class E350 CGI 4Matic – AMG LINE – White

The purity of white is the perfect choice for wedding ceremonies that take place on a warm summer morning.

The comfortable and elegant light leather interior will illuminate the bride, who will stand out as if in a flower arrangement.

Our white E350 AMG is the ideal car to accompany a wedding couple who want to flaunt luxury without giving up the sporty grit that characterizes the AMG lines.

For those who prefer to make the most of the luxurious side of this fantastic Mercedes, we also have a black version available.

Mercedes Benz 200SLK

Small and agile, this two-seater Mercedes with a lot of sex appeal is ideal for a non-conformist wedding couple who want to drive the wedding “car” themselves, demonstrating their absolute independence from the start.

This beautiful convertible is sure to highlight a feisty bride, who doesn’t mind messing up her hair while enjoying the good vibes of her wedding to the fullest, perhaps deciding to get behind the wheel and wow all her guests.

Chevrolet Corvette C4 Targa

If you are a couple of adventurers and sportsmen and you love to show off, you need a myth on wheels for your special day, whose engine roar will attract attention.

The sun shines along the retro curves of our Corvette, which, with its pearlescent blue, will add a tremendously extravagant touch to your wedding.

This powerful two-seater convertible is so much fun that the couple often compete to get behind the wheel and unleash the horses of this car that has broken many records.

Car rental for wedding guests

If you are a demanding couple who do not miss any detail on your special day , including the comfort of the guests .

We have a special discount for your wedding guests : we will create a reserved code with which they can book comfortably on our online platform.

You can choose an economy car, or a sports car, a 7-seater, a convertible or a premium car that will be there waiting for you at the airport when you arrive in Barcelona .

Or if they need it, they can opt for personalized delivery and receive the car at any address in Catalonia .

Without a doubt, your guests will appreciate your kind attention.


Enjoy a personalized wedding car rental service in Barcelona, with home delivery.

You dedicate yourself to the ceremony and the party

Caraveando takes care of your wedding car!

Car rental trivia for a wedding in Barcelona without a driver

How much does it cost to rent a car for a wedding?

It depends on whether you decide to rent a car with a driver or one without a driver.

Normally, the price of renting a car with a driver for weddings is €500 for only 4 hours of service (basic price without extras) and a minimum of €1,000 to have the car and the driver for the whole day.


Do bride and groom really need a chauffeur for so long?

The wedding car will be needed only on the way between the house of the bride and the place of the ceremony, and then to transfer the newlyweds to the place of the banquet.

In short, the driver will be busy for many hours, with almost no real need.

Cheap car rental for weddings in Barcelona, without driver

With Caraveando, on the other hand, the price of a car rental for a wedding without a driver will be around €100 or €150 per day , for a vehicle of great prestige and luxury.

Of course, the bride and groom will also be able to afford the “craze” of renting a car with extraordinary features , like our Corvette C4 Targa , and still save money!

In addition, given its low cost, the couple can decide renting the wedding car for several days , and taking advantage of our personalized service, in addition to receiving it directly in front of the bride’s house, then they can decide return it to the address of your choice , or even directly at Barcelona airport, ready to go on honeymoon!

Caraveando only offers car rental for weddings without a driver.

Because in our opinion it is not worth spending up to 10 times more, and also meeting a driver with whom you do not trust.

Who drives the bride’s car?

Many tend to think that a professional driver would be best, but from what our clients tell us, we have to admit that the bride does not always feel comfortable accompanied by a stranger in the delicate moment before the ceremony .

From the point of view of many Wedding Planners, the driver of the wedding car should be someone the bride trusts , ideally a close relative such as a brother or sister , one of the cousins , or a good friend .

However, someone she trusts a lot, so that she feels comfortable and relaxed when she arrives at the wedding ceremony .

Can the chauffeur of the wedding car be a woman?

Of course.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a woman or a man: the important thing is that it’s someone the couple trusts.

And above all, it must be a person with whom the bride feels very comfortable .

Should the bride and groom’s car always go at the head of the procession?

Most believe that the bride and groom have the honor of leading the way by being ahead of everyone, but many prefer to place the wedding car in the center of the procession to ensure a good level of “noise” throughout the queue.

However, one thing is certain: the wedding car should be the most decorated and colorful of all!

How is the wedding car decorated?

7 ideas to decorate the wedding car to have a triumphant arrival:

Cans in a rental car for a wedding in BarcelonaTins.

The cans are usually added hanging from a string on the rear bumper of the car because, according to the symbolism, they ward off bad vibes.

White flowers on the hood of a rented wedding car in BarcelonaFlowers.

The floral decoration should “marry” perfectly with the bride and groom, but also with the style of the vehicle: more elegant or sporty? More classic or extravagant? The fundamental thing will be to do it justice with the appropriate floral decoration. If you have any questions, it will be a pleasure for us to advise you.

White ribbons on a mercedes from our wedding car rental in BarcelonaRibbons.

They are usually white, can be of various widths, and can create different motifs to be placed on the hood, on the roof, around the mirrors or door handles, or on the back of the wedding vehicle. Do not forget to also distribute them among the guests so that all the cars of the bridal party can be distinguished.

Garland and benderinas with writing Just Married as decoration of a rental car for wedding in BarcelonaGarlands and pennants.

Garlands are often used for classic cars, and bunting goes especially well with vintage cars. Let’s say they are very much characterized by a vintage or retro , and the good thing is that you can be creative finding special, funny phrases or the classic “Just Married”.

Vinyl on the rear window of a wedding car rented in Barcelona by CaraveandoVinyls.

They can be placed on the side windows, or if the car allows it, on the rear window. They can represent love-themed drawings, the names of the couple, the date of the special day or the famous “Just Married”.

Example of bow and flowers in a rental car for weddings in BarcelonaBows.

Small, large or even huge. Satin, tulle or also composed of flower stems. Classic, elegant or with extravagant shapes, bows can be placed anywhere on the wedding car: on the hood, on the mirrors, on the bodywork, on the windows… In short, they are always very pretty because bows are a timeless decoration and they spread joy.

Stuffed animals dressed as bride and groom as decoration of the wedding car rented in BarcelonaTeddies.

Who doesn’t like teddy bears? They are very fashionable, and must be strictly wedding dresses. They can be fixed to the roof of the vehicle or even keep the bride and groom company sitting inside the car. They will surely be a nice memory to hug them together!

Car rental for wedding without driver in Barcelona

You choose the car for your wedding, Caraveando brings it to you.

Are you planning your unforgettable day, or are you a wedding planner and want more information about our car rental service for weddings in Barcelona?