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Barcelona Airport car rental

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Receive your rental car at Barcelona Airport in just
3 minutes

Rent your car at Barcelona airport with a VIP service, and forget about paperwork and queues at the offices!

At Caraveando we know that


In just 3 minutes you will be at the wheel of your rental car at Barcelona Airport.

You have the possibility to book your rental car with pick-up and/or drop-off at the airport without having to look for alternative transportation. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or with your family.

And do you know why with Caraveando you can forget about queues, as is always the case with other rental companies?

Because we are the first car rental company in Barcelona airport that manages the entire process 100% online, through the simple use of smartphones.

Entrega de coche de alquiler en el aeropuerto de Barcelona

What type of vehicle do you want to rent?


Looking for a more economical car?


Do you want to enjoy a high-end car?


Do you want to drive a vehicle with history?


Do you dream of driving in the open sky?


Just 3 minutes: how we do it.

You can reserve your car from the comfort of your home, and through the Caraveando platform you can send us your details, sign the contract and make the payment in a totally secure way.

Once you arrive at Barcelona airport, instead of walking to the car rental booths (which are far away from the ARRIVALS area), just let us know as soon as you land and we will be waiting for you with the car you have booked.

You will find us right in front of the departure gates of the Barcelona airport terminal you indicated.

And since you have already completed the entire reservation process in advance, we will only take 3 minutes with you to check the condition of the vehicle and give you the key so that you can start the engine immediately. You are now ready to drive to your destination.

What did we tell you?

You will have your rental car in just 3 minutes!

And you will receive by mail the check-out sheet containing the details of the vehicle you have rented, which we have already checked together to ensure total transparency.

In addition, you can decide if you want to return your rental car at Barcelona airport, any other address in Barcelona, in another town in the surrounding area or anywhere in Catalonia.

Because Caraveando offers a personalized delivery and pick-up service wherever you are, not only at Barcelona airport.

Cheap car rental at Barcelona Airport.

Explore the amazing city of Barcelona and its surroundings with total freedom, renting a cheap car that will be ready and waiting for you in front of Barcelona-El Prat Airport.

We have different categories of cars because our goal is to offer the right car for every occasion.

That’s why in Caraveando you can find cars of all ranges, even the cheapest, and always at very advantageous prices.

So you can make the most of your stay in the Catalan capital without having to worry about any limitations.

Find the most suitable for you in our category of cheap car rental at Barcelona airport from only 15 €/day, the right price for a VIP service that will make you skip the queues.

Sometimes it is useless to waste time waiting for hours for the delivery of the car to save a few euros.

Forget the paperwork and queues typical of normal car rental companies at Barcelona airport.

Rent your cheap car quickly and easily with Caraveando.

Rent a car at Barcelona airport with no surprises.

In addition to the queues, forget about the surprises of finding cars that are not in perfect condition to be rented.

The classic car rental companies at Barcelona airport give you the classic brochure in which they rudely indicate, with obnoxious X’s, the points in which the cars are damaged at the time of delivery.

But one X is enough to cover what?

Significant damage?
A dent?
Or maybe a scratch you didn’t notice?

I don’t know about you, but we at Caraveando don’t like to hide behind those poor Xs.

We always recommend choosing a comprehensive insurance as an extra, so you can enjoy your rental car without worries.

And if you only want a basic insurance, we commit to inspect the vehicle with you, both on delivery and return.

And we send you a departure sheet by email, with all the details and the actual photo of the vehicle.

To leave you with a clear proof that can exclude any misunderstanding, right from the start.

NO MORE hateful surprises!

And to continue with the tranquility and fun in the streets of Barcelona.

Because cars are our passion.

Frequently asked questions about car rental at Barcelona Airport.

Who are Caraveando's typical customers who rent a car at Barcelona airport?

Statistically our most satisfied customers are professionals coming to Barcelona on business who want to be independent when moving around the city and who have no time to waste during the delivery and pick-up processes.
But our personalized service is aimed at all those who, when renting a car at Barcelona airport, are looking for a reliable partner able to guarantee a VIP service at a fair cost.

Why book a rental car at Barcelona Airport with Caraveando?

Because we are an innovative company in Barcelona that offers a premium and personalized service at affordable prices for everyone.
Our mission is to satisfy our customers’ needs in a fast, transparent, safe and professional manner.
That is why our fleet includes vehicles of different characteristics: economical, classic, premium and convertibles.
Most of them are special and unique models that differ from the generalist models of other rental companies.
In short, we consider ourselves the “Personal Trainers” of car rental at Barcelona airport.
And we do not focus only on Barcelona airport because we deliver and pick up the vehicles wherever the customer wants in any address in the city and throughout Catalonia.

What is the cheapest car rental company at Barcelona airport?

We are honest, Caraveando is not the cheapest company, but it is probably the most convenient.
We are aware that there are other car rental companies in Barcelona airport that offer lower prices than ours. These are the so-called “Low Cost” companies. But often those low prices are also reflected in the classic service they offer. In our opinion, this service is rather “impersonal” and above all slow. And sometimes with unpleasant surprises that also affect the final cost of the rental.
Caraveando, on the other hand, offers a personalized VIP service to all customers who rent a car at Barcelona Airport, without waiting, designed specifically for people arriving at Barcelona Airport, cannot or do not want to waste their time standing in line in front of the offices, waiting their turn to fill out the usual paperwork.

Which is the fastest car rental company at Barcelona airport to deliver the vehicle?

Caraveando guarantees delivery of the car in only 3 minutes.
If you don’t want to waste time after landing at Barcelona El Prat airport, Caraveando is without doubt your ideal car hire company in Barcelona Airport.
Because we are truly the fastest in vehicle delivery.
You can carry out all the procedures from the comfort of your home, sending us the necessary contractual documents through your computer or smartphone.
Upon your arrival at Barcelona airport we will be waiting for you outside the airport gates with the car ready and at your complete disposal. You will only need 3 minutes to validate online the departure sheet that accurately shows the vehicle’s condition at the time of delivery, to ensure maximum mutual protection.
We will then hand you the keys so you can enjoy your rental car from minute 4.
Click on the page
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and discover how easy it is to book with Caraveando.

With Caraveando can I rent a car at Barcelona Airport without a credit card?

On Caraveando’s platform you will be able to book your car rental at Barcelona airport also by debit card. More information about the possibility of renting a car with a debit card can be found in the terms and conditions.

Can I pick up and/or return my rental car at Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 with Caraveando?

Yes, with Caraveando you can pick up as well as return your rental car at Barcelona Airport Terminal 1. In the first step of the booking process on our platform, you can indicate in which Barcelona Airport terminal you wish to pick up and/or return your vehicle.

Can I pick up and/or return my rental car at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 with Caraveando?

Yes, with Caraveando you can both pick up and return your rental car at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2. In the first step of the booking process on our platform, you can indicate in which Barcelona Airport terminal you wish to pick up and/or return your vehicle.

Is the delivery and/or return service of the rental car at Barcelona airport free of charge with Caraveando?

Yes, whether you arrive at Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, the delivery and return service of your rental car at Barcelona Airport, with Caraveando is always free of charge.

Can I return the rented vehicle at Barcelona airport to a different location?

Yes, with Caraveando you can always return the vehicle to any address in Barcelona and Catalonia.
Our delivery and pick-up service at a personalized address is aimed precisely at customers who have these types of needs.
Personalized delivery and pick up may have an additional cost, depending on the distance from our office in Castelldefels. The platform will automatically calculate the excess kilometers and display the cost of the service during the booking process. This way, you will know how much this personalized service will cost you and avoid unexpected surprises.

Can I drive the rented car from Barcelona airport to outside Spain?

Of course, you can drive the rented car at Barcelona airport even outside Spain, but you will have to pay a small surcharge. You must select the option as an extra when making the reservation and the system will automatically apply it to the total cost of the rental service. Many of our customers choose to rent a car at Barcelona airport to travel beyond the French border. Numerous international flight connections make the Catalan capital an ideal starting point to visit the south of France and Andorra.

Does Caraveando provide assistance to customers after renting a car at Barcelona airport?

At Caraveando we provide 24/7 telephone assistance to all our customers.
The telephone assistance is direct, i.e. with real people, without recordings or voice messages that waste time and patience.
We offer telephone assistance in Spanish, English and German.


Enjoy a VIP car rental service at the Barcelona Airport

We are the fastest in vehicle delivery!

Information about Barcelona – El Prat airport.

Barcelona airport is the main airport in Catalonia and the second largest in Spain.

This center of activity welcomes professional travelers and tourists. It is located just 12 kilometers from the center of Barcelona, a short distance from the vibrant Catalan capital, rich in history and cultural attractions that make it one of the major centers of the European scene.

The airport is located southwest of the city, in the territory of El Prat de Llobregat, and a few kilometers from the port of Barcelona.

Also very close to the airport is the industrial and logistics park of the Zona Franca Consortium, one of the most important in Spain.

Aerial view of Barcelona Airport
Imagen cortesía de

The destinations we recommend you to visit are:

  • The massif of Montserrat with its imposing Benedictine abbey that offers one of the most impressive views of Catalonia.
  • The Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, which are probably some of the most impressive coastal areas of the Mediterranean.
  • Andorra and the Pyrenees, which can be reached in a couple of hours from Barcelona and where the journey aboard your rental car will become part of the fun as you drive along the winding and winding mountain roads.
    In winter you can take advantage of skiing, enjoying the convenience and comfort of arriving at the foot of the slopes with the car.
    In summer you can reach one of the many hiking trails, suitable for all levels of difficulty.
  • There are also fishing villages, such as Cadaqués and Figueres, the town where Salvador Dalí was born.
  • To the south you can visit Sitges, also known as “Ibiza in miniature”, a small town with beautiful beaches, where the International Film Festival of Catalonia is held. Sitges is also famous for its Carnival and nightlife, as well as for its historical sites.

So, as you can see, if you rent a car at Barcelona airport, you will have numerous advantages of freedom and a multitude of destinations you can reach.

And we guarantee that with Caraveando’s VIP service your experience will be pure fun.

This is what our customers say about the car rental service at Barcelona Airport.


I rented the Bmw performance. In fact, it was the reason why I contacted Caraveando, because practically nobody has it in the peninsula and, as I am passionate about cars, I like to test all the models I can.
I have already repeated several times with them because they seem to me to be a very serious company with which everything is facilities instead of problems.


We rented a Mercedes, to travel around Spain, with Caraveando for the delivery and pick-up service.
The experience was very good: we had zero problems, it was easy to book and they were friendly and helpful.
In fact, I have already recommended it to all my friends who plan to visit Spain.


I rented with Caraveando because it was recommended by a friend who had a good experience and I don’t regret it, it was an excellent experience. I had the opportunity to drive a wonderful sports car at an excellent price. I recommend it both for the service and the treatment, they are unbeatable.

Are you ready to rent a car at Barcelona airport with our personalized service?