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We want you to enjoy the pleasure of driving

That’s why we offer you, in addition to a good car, a comfortable, reliable and fast service.


We adapt to you instead of you to us.
We offer the possibility to deliver and/or pick up the car wherever you want at the time you want.


We know you hate to spend your time in useless queues and waiting.
With our 100% digital process, deliveries and returns are express.


We are punctual and deliver the car in optimal conditions.
All our vehicles are periodically checked and undergo a thorough cleaning process after each service.

Hello, we are Caraveando, a car rental company that manages to meet the expectations of its customers.

Caraveando was created by Hugo, a Pole by nationality and German by adoption. An entrepreneur who started his professional career as a mechanic. Until she got tired of always having grease under her nails (no matter how much she washed it wouldn’t go away) and decided to turn her life around.

He went to Belgium to help in his aunt and uncle’s family business. He dedicated himself to molding decorative pieces that his relatives would paint and sell.

That was the first of a few more changes that ended up taking him on a vacation to the Costa Brava. There he fell in love. The weather, the food and the liveliness of the people. That is, what usually seduces foreigners who discover Spain.

In fact, it was during that trip, when he made a firm promise to himself that one day he would move to this country.

Five years ago, he was able to fulfill that promise. He landed in Barcelona and did what many foreigners do: he created his own company.

It was originally a caravan rental company. But he found it frustrating that despite taking great care of them, these vehicles always had technical problems. It prevented him from offering what he wanted: reliable vehicles that would make renting an incredible experience.

That’s how he decided to switch to cars. To his passion. And he got it right. Because it not only offered reliable vehicles but also cars that are a pleasure to drive.

And so, little by little and with great care, it is expanding its fleet.

Look for cars of different styles and types to suit each driver’s personality. Elegance, sporty soul, versatility.

It aims to offer a fleet that Caraveando’s customers can identify with.

Because at Caraveando, we want you to have fun and enjoy driving.

That is why our fleet of vehicles is small, so we guarantee that they are always in optimal conditions.

This is also why we offer a great service.

Convenient and fast.

And we are proud to be:

Rental cars in Barcelona


We explain our prices, extras, insurance, etc. in depth. To make it clear how much you will pay.

Rental cars in Barcelona


We take photos showing the condition of the car and the fuel tank level and send you a copy. Both in delivery and return.

We know that details are important.

Forget about stress, queues and fine print. Start enjoying your rental car with a reliable company.